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Sudah tahu kan bila BES Express for Lotus Domino saat ini gratis?
Pertanyaan yang sering muncul adalah, bila BES Expess Free apa bedanya dengan BES yang berbayar?

Silahkan lihat perbedaannya di sini:

Semoga bermanfaat.

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Before I go further,  I know this is nothing new. But often happen to Domino BES Server Administrator and did not know how to figure out.

The case is:  John using his Blackberry device and sending email through his corporate BES. The recipient receive John’s email address and notice the sender format like :

John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com

Yeah, I know this is wrong email format, it should be “John Doe” <jdoe@mycompany.com> instead John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com.

When you try to reply this email, it will fails! fails! fails! there is no such email as John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com


Now, the question is, how to make Lotus Domino Servers, lookup the sender email address with the correct format ie: jdoe@mycompany.com ? Here is what you should do. Open your Domino BES server configuration document. Click Tab “MIME” -> “Conversion Option” -> “Outbound”. By default option “Lookup internet address ….”  was disabled, change this to “enabled”.


Now the second part, Lotus Domino should lookup the sender by his/her full name. If we leave this step, the sender full name will not shown to the recipient. Recipient will only see the sender email address as “jdoe@mycompany.com” <jdoe@mycompany.com>

Still in the same page, click sub tab “Advanced outbound Message Options” under tab “Advanced” and “MIME” tab.
Select RFC822 phrase handling to “Use CN as phrase”.

Try to sending email from your blackberry device. Compare this below result will as shown above. now, recipient can reply the email.


It’s done! thanks for Jozef Darmasurja for this tip.

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