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Attention to all Domino Administrator who just upgraded their server to 8.5.2 FP1 under UNIX and Linux platforms. There is possibility in certain cases on a Domino 8.5.2 FP1 server, the contents of the Domino data directory can be deleted during shutdown on UNIX and Linux platforms. This does not happen frequently or on all Domino servers. However, if this does happen, a backup restore of the data will be necessary.

The Domino temp directory is cleaned out at server shutdown. The ~notetmp.reg file points to the temp directory used by Domino. The problem occurs if ~notetmp.reg points to the Domino data directory as the temp directory and also contains an empty string filename. In that case, Domino sees everything in the data directory as temporary and all files will be deleted at server shutdown.

To avoid the problem, if ~notetmp.reg exists in the Domino data directory, delete the file. By deleting that file, Domino will not delete any existing data or temporary files from the data directory.

Note: ~notetmp.reg is in binary format and cannot be read in any text editor.

detail information can be found here


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notes client in a loop 'loading ... please wait'

notes client in a loop 'loading ... please wait'

Entah kenapa, apa yang terjadi.. lotus notes client versi standard saya tidak bisa di jalankan. Ketika terbuka, notes client hanya menampilkan screen tertulis ‘loading… please wait’. Progress bar berjalan sampai batas kanan kemudian kembali lagi ke awal. Saya hanya bisa menjalankan dalam versi basic.

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