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Aplikasi facebook

Setiap kali googling dengan query “aplikasi facebook indonesia” yang keluar nggak jauh dari yang itu-itu saja. Ada yang di buat dari scratch ada yang menggunakan gift creator, quiz creator dan semacamnya.

Tulisan ini memang di buat dengan harapan sang paman google akan mengindex dan memberikan alternatif lain ketika pengguna google ingin mencari tau aplikasi facebook yang di buat oleh warga negara merah putih 🙂

Berikut daftarnya, aplikasi yang di buat oleh saya sendiri:

GET IT Certification
Untuk persiapan ambl IT certification seperti IBM Lotus Certification, dan lain-lain

PLR Resources – Gunawan TW
http://apps.facebook.com/plr-resources/>PLR Resources

Aplikasi BAGI-BAGI – Gunawan TW

Aplikasi pesan cheese stick – Gunawan TW

Aplikasi Iklan Baris – Gunawan TW

Jangan berharap tampilannya “wah” mirip dengan aplikasi semacam petso, resto city, typing mania dan lain-lainnya. maklum yang buat masih amatir dan di kerjakan di sela-sela waktu luang. Kalau situ mau modalin, bolehlah di pikirkan hehhe… ini juga di buat sambil iseng2, belum kepikiran dapat tambahan dari bikin kayak beginian.

Daftar lainnya;

Aplikasi Peta Properti – Kukuh TW

Aplikasi Pesan Kaos – Kukuh TW

Aplikasi Jual Beli HP – Kukuh TW

Aplikasi Buku bekas – Kukuh TW

Toko Online – Madi

Now Playing at 21 Cineplex – M Baja Aksha

Coming From – Jimmy Kembaren

Daftar lainnya bisa lihat di sini http://caksub.com/facebook-indonesia

Kalau anda tahu dan punya aplikasi facebook yang di buat tanpa menggunakan aplikasi generator, kasih tau saya saja, nanti saya tambahkan di dalam daftar.

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Have you seen notes 8.x typeahead error like this “TypeaheadQueueController.start” has encountered a problem An internal error occured during: “TypeaheadQueueController.start. java.lang.NullPointerException ?


Don’t bother to reinstall your JVM, cause the root problem is not coming from your JVM but is coming from your personal contacts. When you importing personal contacts from other format, please check whether the full name fields is compute correctly. Somehow, some contacts have field fullname is still blank.

How to check it?
Open your personal contact (local names.nsf) from your notes client. Hold down SHIFT  + CTRL, then click “view” -> “Go To ..”. It will bring you to list of hidden views. Select view ($VIMPeople). Now, you can see the contacts from field name. Please notice the picture, incompletely fields such as fullname. firstname, middleinitial, etc cause the error.

Create simple agent to refresh documents which still have blank fullname will fix the problem.

Hope this help.

update: here is the agent script:

Sub Initialize
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set collection = db.UnprocessedDocuments

For i = 1 To collection.Count
Set doc = collection.GetNthDocument( i )
‘Msgbox doc.FullName(0)
Call doc.ReplaceItemValue(“FullName”,doc.Firstname(0)+” ” + doc.MiddleInitial(0) + ” ” + doc.LastName(0))
Call doc.save(True,True)
End Sub

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Before I go further,  I know this is nothing new. But often happen to Domino BES Server Administrator and did not know how to figure out.

The case is:  John using his Blackberry device and sending email through his corporate BES. The recipient receive John’s email address and notice the sender format like :

John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com

Yeah, I know this is wrong email format, it should be “John Doe” <jdoe@mycompany.com> instead John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com.

When you try to reply this email, it will fails! fails! fails! there is no such email as John Doe/Jakarta/IDN@mycompany.com


Now, the question is, how to make Lotus Domino Servers, lookup the sender email address with the correct format ie: jdoe@mycompany.com ? Here is what you should do. Open your Domino BES server configuration document. Click Tab “MIME” -> “Conversion Option” -> “Outbound”. By default option “Lookup internet address ….”  was disabled, change this to “enabled”.


Now the second part, Lotus Domino should lookup the sender by his/her full name. If we leave this step, the sender full name will not shown to the recipient. Recipient will only see the sender email address as “jdoe@mycompany.com” <jdoe@mycompany.com>

Still in the same page, click sub tab “Advanced outbound Message Options” under tab “Advanced” and “MIME” tab.
Select RFC822 phrase handling to “Use CN as phrase”.

Try to sending email from your blackberry device. Compare this below result will as shown above. now, recipient can reply the email.


It’s done! thanks for Jozef Darmasurja for this tip.

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I need it to help my customer to upgrade their notes 4.x version to 8.x. There are 15 application sit on there and let see if its still work if we move to lotus domino 8.x …

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